The Pocket Guide to Sake

Arline Lyons Translation

Only slightly larger than a credit card, the Pocket Guide to Sake packs an impressive amount of information to help you select, store, pair and serve sake, wherever you are!

With a miniature version of the Sake Spectrum, names of common styles and other text to watch out for (like "KEEP REFRIGERATED") it can live in your wallet or bag and be on hand to save the day when you're buying or ordering.

The Pocket Guide to Sake comes in handy packs of five or ten so you can keep a spare and give them to your friends. Go forth and discover sake!

If you'd like the Pocket Guides sent to an address different from your billing address, please email me to let me know. All orders will be sent by Swiss A Post or International Air Mail.

Pocket Guide to Sake

From 15.00 CHF
Need to check some sake facts or read labels on the run? The Pocket Guide to Sake has you covered!

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